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The Hen House – Poultry

Established by Travis in 2005 the hen house supplies both commercial and pure bred chickens.  Specializing in rare breeds and keep a wide variety of birds including large and bantam breeds. Breeds kept include:

Isa brown and commercial white/ black- brilliant egg layers breed for egg production.

Sussex – including light, corrination, speckled and buff

Wyndotte- white, gold laced, silver laced, silver pencilled and gold pencilled.

Polish- blue and black crested white, gold and silver laced and white

Silkies and Pekins- various colours

Rhode Island red

Australorp – black

Salmon faverolles

Buff Cochins


Black and buff orphingtons

Check in for availability

We also attend the Riddells Creek farmers market – 3rd Sat every month in the primary school and Woodend farmers market 1st Sat every month

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