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Tyrone Park Horses & Ponies- A History

Coming from a long line of horse enthusiasts including breeders, judges and trainers, horses proved to be in our blood.  However growing up in the Melbourne suburbs, the opportunity to own or ride horses was limited to say the least.  This all changed with the purchase of our first farm, 80 acres in Kyneton in 2002.


How we come to purchase our first horses was probably not ideal for novices.  But put a girl who always wanted a horse in a sale full of needy horses in the middle of a drought, it was always going to end the same way- we purchased 2 horses!.  The first purchase was “Flight” later renamed “Fordie” (after a well known Irish horsy Uncle) who was an 14 year old thoroughbred gelding.  Also purchased was “Imperial Vader” a black Shetland gelding with the purpose of being a paddock buddy for Fordie as well as a late birthday present for Travis – the stud co-founder. Travis is a star wars freak hence the name Vader after Dark Vader and boy did this little fella live up to his name.  He actually was a she, as we discovered several weeks later – he was sold as a gelding, we did not check, an embarrassing gap in our equine knowledge base.  Renamed “Vada” she soon positioned herself as the queen of the farm and bossed everyone, humans included.  Friends of ours visiting the farm soon discovered this when she refused to let them get out of the car by backing her rear end to them and threatening to kick.  After less spoiling and a few disciplinary lessons, Vada was forced to re-evaluate her position at the top of the pecking order and today is a lovely quiet little pony that you can do anything with and importantly very safe. She is the matriarch of the star wars dynasty at Tyrone Park and has two daughters Little Leia and Mara and a grandson “Little Luke” born in 2009. Shetlands and later miniature ponies proved to be an important therapy too.  Travis is wheelchair bound due to a spinal injury. 2009_1205foals0313.JPG   Ponies proved to be special as they are small and generally docile which means they are less intimidating and safer for people confined to wheelchairs.  Shetlands are often inquisitive and seem less intimidated by the wheelchair and Travis is able to participate in care and stud activities to a greater extend and with less risk of injury. Not long after Vada entered our lives, the first registered Shetlands were purchased and these were “Chatau gay Gemma” Chatau Gay Glea” both girls with foals at foot and “Wedgegully War Lord” a little pinto colt.  This marked the birth of the stud.  Today we specialise in miniature ponies, horses and Shetlands 8.2 hands and under.  All horses are registered with one or both APSB, AMPS or MHAA.  We breed a few foals most years and have children’s ponies for sale at various times. 



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