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New Beginnings

July 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Its been a long while since the page has been updated. It does not mean that things have not been happening, to the contrary more like life has been so busy things like poor old websites become neglected.

We have changed the focus of our cattle herd to predominantly miniature cattle.  This is in response to what clients seem to want and also fits in with our own farm plan.  We have introduced white Galloway’s into our herd with the introduction of Lassalantra Beau- Black pointed white miniature Galloway bull.  We are also working at our own lines of commercial miniature Herefords  Whilst we continue to breed and preserve the traditional mini Herefords  we can also acknowledge the need for a little more size to better suit commercial purposes.  So we have been working at marginally increasing the size to approx two thirds of regular Hereford size and preserving the quiet nature and maintaining the  attributes that miniature cattle offer for small land holders.  We are also experimenting with developing miniature speckle park cattle- keep posted for further information and developments!

Our love for the placid, docile Jersey cows continues and as we can identify how perfect these girls are for hobby farmers as pets and house cows we will continue to offer heifers and cows for sale. Subject to availability.

We continue to have some miniature horses and ponies with foals (previous season) available for sale.- See sales pages for further information.

Travis’s business – Macedon Ranges Hen House has been gaining momentum and we now have achieved farmer market accreditation and attend the Riddells Creek and Woodend farmer markets.

Stephanie has completed Bachelor of Veterinary Science and is now a qualified veterinarian registered with Veterinary practitioners board of Victoria.  In due course we will be offering herd health and farm animal consultancy to our clients and as previously our clients enjoy after sales support and advice, particularly important to new farmers!

Well thats about it for now, keep warm and keep a look out for updates as I add photos and more information about the exciting developments at Macedon park farm 🙂

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Plenty of New arivials -November 2010

January 24th, 2011 · No Comments

Well to say it has been a busy few months would be an understatement!.  Spring has hit and along with it has seen foaling, lambing and calving season!. 

By now, most of our commercial girls have calved and there are plenty of nice, predominantly black or baldy calves on the ground- thanks to Jack, the angus sire.  The stud lowlines had all calved prior to Spring, so they have been sitting pretty with their calves enjoying the magnificent Spring grass that we have- sure change from the previous years of drought.  Our Galloway herd has also grown with the purchase of some red belted galloways and black pointed whites.  A nice early Xmas present was when Boronia – a black belted calved a lovely little black pointed white heifer. She can be seen on our new galloway cattle page. Thankfully so, the calving season to date has been trouble free and uneventful.

After so many years of below average rainfal and drought, 2010 has sure made up for it- We have so much grass it looks like we will be making hay for the first time!.  Thats if it dries up for long enough.

Foaling season is still in progress, and all but a couple of mares are still to foal.  Gum Valley Sandman- our Perlino miniature stallion has been very busy and we have several buckskin foals this season.  Unfortunately the busy schedule has meant we were unable to get out and show this season.  See the soon to be updated horse, foal and sales pages.

We hope everyone has a safe and Mery Christmas and Best wishes for the new year.

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Hello world & welcome to our site

April 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment



 Welcome to Macedon Park Farm!

We have small land holdings in Kyneton, Clarkefield (Sunbury/ Riddells Creek area) and New Gisborne.  This is a family run operation and we produce both stud beef and commercial cattle, suffolk sheep and operate a small horse and pony stud.  As small land holders ourselves, we understand the challenges faced by hobby farmers and therefore we concerntrate on producing quality animals that meet the requirements and specifications for small farmers.  We acknowledge that it can be difficult for find stock suited to small farms and can it be difficult locating sources of information and advice. 


 * Weeroona Park Lowline and galloway cattle.- We operate a stud of registered lowline and galloway cattle.  Lowline cattle were chosen due to the Angus cattle heritage, docile temprement, calving ease and great carcase qualities.  They are ideal cattle for small farms as they are better feed converters and are smaller and can be run at higher stocking rates.  The docile nature has made them a popular choice as cattle used in agricultrual programs in secondary school and also a number of rural primary schools have introduced a lowline cow for children to enjoy.  Galloway cattle also are an ideally suited breed for small farms.  Cattle are available in a range of colours including dun, white and the distinctive belted galloway.  Being a meat breed originally, carcase qualities are excellent and the animals are also docile and hardy.

We produce commercial cattle as well crossing hereford, angus and murray grey cattle with either an angus or lowline bull. In addition to our cattle stud, we also run suffolk and suffolk X sheep and breed and show miniature horses. 


Thank you for looking and have a look at our cattle, horse and sheep for more information about our animals and philosophy.


We often have stock for sale and check out our sales pages for further information or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Macedon Park – incorporating Tyrone Park minature horse & pony stud & Weeroona Park Lowline and galloway cattle                                            


 Phone: 0458490902             Email:    For further info and livestock enquiries

                                                            – For horse information

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